• Golf 2 Hotel -  A wonderful place to stay as your home.

  • Currency: The units of currency accepted are Vietnam Dong and USD. 
  • Language: Vietnamese is the official language; English, French  are widely spoken.
  • Weather: Tropical climate with two seasons.(Rainy and dry season)
  • Restaurant with European and Oriental food. 
  • Traveller's cheques should be chased at hotels or banks. Only major stores accept international credit cards.
  • GOLF 2 HOTEL is a great location, a great services for visitors to Dalat. This new  two-star-standard  hotel is  in the centre of Dalat city.
  • Address :
    114 Road 3 Thang 2 St, Dalat City - Vietnam
    Tel:  (84-63) 826031
    Fax: (84-63) 820532
  • Two-Star Hotel 


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Golf 2 Hotel



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