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:Метинг на корабле

Почему не исполъзоватъ кораблъ  совет директоров и их spouses на борту Bassac, так ваш собрания правления быть unforgettable? Встреча в большой общей комнате, or even в lounge смычка, может быть rythmed с основными этапами работ on-shore посещения или обеда. И, как лучше для того чтобы принять решение решениея чем после сна доброй ночи на борту и твердого завтрака, следующего утра. Пожалуйста свяжитесь мы.

Why not get your whole board of directors and their spouses on board the Bassac, so your board meeting to be unforgettable? A meeting in the large common room, or even in the bow lounge, can be rythmed with the milestones of an on-shore visit or the dinner. And, how better to make decisions than after a good night's sleep on board and a solid breakfast, the next morning. Please contact us.
Kayaking on the Mekong
With just a little preparation, we can bring along some kayaks to make of your trip a sporting event. Fancy a paddle stroke in the currents of the Mekong Delta? Please contact us
Trekking and cycling
The Bassac can as well bring you to the little explored areas for a long trek or for some cycling.

In each cabin, a small flip folder provides useful indications about life on board: utilities, services, security, everything the passengers should know to wholly enjoy their journey.

Your cabin

Welcome to your cabin.

On the main deck, with its direct access to the bridge and Sur le pont principal, your cabin was built according to the best vietnamese traditions of shipbuilding practice, but also with a view to your comfort. All the decoration was made by Vietnamese craftsmen.

The partitions are all heat-insulated to maintain a cool temperature in your cabin, and also soundproofed against the noises on the river, which remains active by night, and fireproofed.

An independent air-con is available in your cabin. We advise you to set it for 27ºC, with a low fan, and to keep your door and window closed to make your sleep most restful.

After storing your luggage and hanging your clothes, you may be tempted by a shower or a nap before the meal. Your en-suite bathroom features all amenities and hot water all day round.

The Restaurant, the Galley, the Bar

The Restaurant, through which you accessed on board, is a large living room that may be completely opened to outside and overlooks the stern.

Should the weather tend to monsoon, the adjustable louvres will bring you just the protection you need, and give a whole-wood venue to your meals.

Is the weather shiny, we open the doors and pull the tables towards the handrail, and there you are a little apart from the crowd if you wish to be by yourselves.

All cooking is done on board by the Chef with carefully selected fresh produce, for a menu fit for the season, yet also respecting the culinary preferences you could have expressed.

you will find here the typical menus.

Lunch is a vietnamese meal for you to discover or recall the delicate tastes of the best local cuisine.
Dinner is a vietnamese meal too, more oriented towards Mekong Delta specialties.
Breakfast is a solid Western breakfast, with everything you need to give the day a good start, with jams, maple syrup and pancakes, good coffee, and quite often bread baked on board during the night.
All meals are served with a soft drink of your choice.

Between meals, you may take a break in the living corner, by a drink, or getting a bite off delicious specialties or juicy fruit from the Delta.

At night, before going to sleep, once the tables have been set aside, the little bar is more animated, and with all doors open, the Bassac brings her passengers through the night on the meanders of the Mekong. Sitting on the side or in the living room, a cocktail in the hand, enjoy this unique instant: when waking up tomorrow morning, on this same deck, you will be right in the middle of a floating market, a quiet creek, another unforgettable scenery.

The bow lounge

Should the weather be really raining, or insomnia striking, or would you rather not join the passengers for a visit? The little bow lounge is meant for you.

With a small library for the readers, welcoming benches, the small lounge is the place for solitary readers, but also card players, or even just diners.

Set in the front of the hull of the Bassac, the lounge features two brass portholes overviewing the river that can bring fresh wind.

The services of the bar are available in the lounge. What is more refreshing than a cocktail and an aperitive in the lounge befoer dinner?

The Upper Deck

With an 80m² (700sqft) upper deck, the Bassac features an extensive rest area.

You may sunbathe in the front of the upper deck, lying on a sunbathing couch, or enjoy a drink on the back, near the small bar, in the fresh air of the evening, or should the sun burn too hot under the awning that shades part of the deck.

Later in the evening, the upper deck is the ideal place to have a whiff of the ambiance of a night on the river. And at dawn, the best photos would be taken from that same deck.

The Office

Last, if you needed a secluded place to do some work, the crew would open for you the small office of the board, which can host but few people around a table.


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