The 20-year old "Bun Cha" eatery is visited by U.S President Barack Obama

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bun-cha-a-specialty-of-hanoi.jpgOver more than 20 years, the restaurant called Bún Chả Hương Liên at 24 Le Van Huu street has become a familiar dine venue to the local people and famous for the uniquely soft, sweet and tasty patties.


On his first night in the Vietnamese capital on Monday, U.S. President Barack Obama ate one of Hanoi’s must-try delicacies for dinner – Bún Chả. Bún chả is a traditional dish hailing from Hanoi that consists of grilled pork served in a broth or dipping sauce, flanked by rice noodles and fresh herbs.

Liên – the owner and her family were not aware that the U.S. head ofstate would dine at her eatery until Monday night. Hương Liên restaurant first opened in 1993 and has long become popular to both locals and tourists to Ha Noi capital. In particular, staffs at the restaurant are relatives and the secret of their special dish is passed down from generations to generations. Thus, the taste is completely original as it was decade ago.

The picture of Eating Bun Cha with U.S President Barack Obama in Ha Noi was shared by the celebrated chef Anthony Bourdain. Source: Instagram

Unlike other eateries in the capital, the noodle broth of Hương Liên is moderate in sweetness and sourness of vinegar. The patties are made from both pork lean and fat and then fried, which make them not too dry and not too greasy. The sauce is smartly mixed by fish sauce, mild vinegar, sugar, water, chopped garlic and fresh chili. And one plus point of the restaurant is the clean and airy space.

The visit of President Obama has helped to introduce the renown for not only Hương Liên eatery but also the special Vietnamese cuisine. 


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