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The Battle of Dien Bien Phu is a well-known historical event symbolizing the glorious victory of the
Vietnamese people and army. It took place on the west side of Dien Bien district, in Lai Chau province,
500-km northwest of Hanoi.

Dien Bien Phu is surrounded by mountains and lies in the Muong Thanh valley, a 20-km-long and 6-km-wide
heart-shaped basin. The Nam Rom River runs across the valley. Dien Bien Phu valley is fertile due to the Nam
Rom River. After 1953, French expeditionary corps occupied Dien Bien Phu and set up a group of fortresses equipped with many state-of-the-art weapons.

Dien Bien Phu victory created a great echo in the world. The heroic struggle of the Vietnamese people's army
against the French expeditionary corps in 1954 lasted 56 days. General de Castries and his entire command
were taken alive and 16,000 enemy troops were put out of action.

The relics of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu include Doc Lap Hill, the airport, and the command tunnel of General
de Castries.

Districts: Muong Te, Phong Tho, Muong Lay, Tua Chua, Tuan Giao, Dien Bien

Economic potentialities: forestry

Lai Chau is located in northwest Vietnam and shares borders with China, Laos, and Lao Cai and Son La. The population consists mainly of the Thai, Si La, and La Chi minority groups.

The monsoon tropical climate brings a rainy summer and a short winter. The annual average temperature is 23C and the average rainfall is 2,500 mm.

Lai Chau’s historical vestiges are known worldwide as the site of the victory of Dien Bien Phu by the Vietnamese Army over the French enemy in 1954. Besides, this is where various minority people first settled down.



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