8h00-8h30: Pick up guests in Nha Trang city.

9.00am : Arrive Da Chong tourist pier,boat takes tourists to islands in Nha Phu Bay.

9.15 : Hon Thi Island: Visit the island landscape, see the African ostrich and deer,stag in natural forests.

9.45: Arrive   ecological tourist area Orchid Stream (Hon Heo).

• Visiting Hoa Lan stream, Phong Lan  cave with hundreds of colourful flowers.
• Enjoy the unique repertoire of circus animals: elephant, bear.
• Bathing and participate in recreational activities on An Binh beach: canoes drag parachute, water motor ... or take pictures with the giant elephant, ostrich riding (fees excluded).

11h45: Have lunch at the restaurant on the island with the sea food specialties.

12h45 : Hon Lao Island (well-known ecological tourist are in Nha Trang).
• Enjoy animal circus programs: monkeys, dogs, goats.
• Look at the natural monkeys friendly. Visiting the island, the works’art: My Nhan Ngu  garden, Thien Long Garden,Tay Du Ky ...
• Especially. you have chance to challenge yourself with new  interesting games in Vietnam: F1 racing sports car (fees excluded).

15h30: Back to  Da Chong Pier.

16h15 : Car transfer  back to Nha Trang. End tour.

Private  tour : 22USD/pax.(Applicable for big group)(Childen under 1m3 :12USD/pax).

Group tour : 25USD/pax.