Ordinary postal services | Telecommunication | Useful Telephone Numbers

1. Local, international mail service includes the followings:
Letters & Postcards Publications, publications for the blind, small packages. (Weight limit of small package is
not over 2kg).

2. Parcels - Local and Overseas:
Weight limit of local parcels is defined by post. office of each province. General maximum weight for one parcel is 31.5 kg. For overseas parcels, weight limit can be ad- justed following the agreement of each country and regulation of UPU. General maximum is not over 31.5 kg.

3. Postal Financial Services:
* Remittance by mail & telegram is provided throughout : the country .Vietnam Postal Service has opened one way Intemational remittance service from France, Japan, Belgium, USA, Czech, Slovakia, Latvia, Singapore, China, Malaysia to Vietnam.
* Express money transfer is available in towns, centers of cities and provinces within Vietnam.
* Post Saving is provided throughout the country in the following ways:

-Time Saving

-Dematld Saving

-Collection Saving

-Personal Saving AccoQnt

-Pay salary in personal saving account

* Telegraphic bouquet service: fucluding telegraphic bouquet with congratulation, greeting and telegraphic bouquet with condolence

4. Press Distribution:
* Newspapers and magazines are retailed at any Post Office and Kiosk. ,

* Period subscription of domestic and imported publications:
Customers can purchase domestic press at any Post Office at any time with long-term or subscription modes.
For subscription of imported overseas publications, Post; Office will announce the list of those and receive orders 2; times a year. Post Office will deliver publications at customers' addresses.

5. Express Mail Service (EMS):
Express Mail Service (EMS) delivers letters, parcels, mail items, goods..; domestically & internationally on schedule of VNPT as announcement to each region & country. Weight limit for EMS parcels to overseas depends on the agreement with target country. EMS is available in 54 cities and provinces within Vietnam and to 51 countries in the world.
* Other postal services:
- Consignment posiservice
- Subscribing niailboxes service
- Unaddressed maildrop service
- PTN service (From Hanoi to HCMC, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Hai Duong)

6. Accept delivering of postal and parcel with special service:

When sending postal items and parcels, customers can use other special services as following:

- Par avian: Items and parcels are transported by airway (If airway is available on the line).

- Registered: Parcels will be tracked by separate codes, recorded in to files during processing in order to be traced when necessary .
- CertificaLian af sending (A parcels): A parcels are normal parcels with certification of sending. Senders should pay at the price & will be issued receipts.

- Express mail service: Senders require immediate delivery of parcels to receivers after arrival. This service is available forthe receiver. With address within delivering area of the Post-Office in the cities & towns, accepting request at the time of applying postal items & parcels.

* Posta:litems and parcels using Post Retante are not allowed to use express.

- Advice of Delivery: Service provider is responsible for informing the senders of delivery
- A Main Propre: Items) & pacels will be delivered to receivers whose names and addresses are indicated on them.

- Post Restante: P & T will keep items and parcels at delivery post office and receivers themselves will receive there.

- Items Pasted at the address requested by the sender: Provided when senders request or have contracts with Post Office.

- Items delivered to the addreSs requested by the sender or the addressee: Provided when senders or receivers order Post offices to deliver at requested addresses once or usually, except postal items under 500gram.

- Insured items: Senders enumerate articles' value. Items and parcels are insured by the value of price stated maximum stated price for a document article is 1,000,000 dong and for a goods article is 30,000,000 dong.                                           



How to make long - Distance calls
* To provinces & cities within Vietnam:
- 0 + Area code + Tel. Number or
- 171 (177, 178) + 0 + Area code + Tel. Number (economic call)
* To other countries:
- 00 + Country code + Area code + Tel. number
- 171 (177, 178) + 00 + Country code + Area code + Tel. number (economic call) or
- 171 + 1 + Waiting for connective tone + Country code + Area code + Tel. number

Telecommuniction - informatic services :

1. ISDN (Integrated service digital network)

ISDN telecommunication service fully meets requirement of many types of information (text, audio, visual) by high quality and high speed digital transmission. ISDN Service can be applied in video-conference aI1d remote education.


ADSL (Asymetrical Digital Subscriber line) - an application of broard band communication, providjng high speed internet access via telephone line. U sing this service you can access internet and make apllone call atthesametitne, your internet connection is always on.

3. Facsimile service (Fax)
This service allows to transmit information in orginal form slich as graphics, tables, letters; pictures or sketches. ...

4. Paging service
Allows for one way message,sending from table telephone and mobile telephone to page subscribers within the active area of paging network.

* Hanoi-ABC Paging Service

- Dial 133 for Vietnamese messaging
- Dial 131 for English messaging.

* Vietnam Paging Service

- Dia1107 for Vietnamese messaging

- Dial 105 for English messaging

* Automatic Digital Display Pag.ng Service

After dialling 1570 to enter the Digital Display Paging system, user sends message directly to pagers subcriber by pressing a group of numbers through telephone buttons. Meaning of the group of numbers is pre-defined by the sender and the receiver. Using this service customers will not be charged with connection fee.

5. Telegraph and telex services
- Telegraph servic allows to transmit information in wpting system (hand writing, typing, printing) among post- offices.
- Telex service allows to transmit writing among telexes with speed of 400 letters/minute, through Switching center.

6. Internet service

* Internet service includes E-mail, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Telnet and World Wide Web (WWW).
- VNN/ lnternet access number: 1260.
- Support number for VNN/ Internet: 18001260.
- No monthly fee.

* VNN 1268/1269 services

VNN 1268 / 1269 are managed and charged on accessing telephone number. No monthly subscription charge.

* VNN 999 service

VinaPhone WAP / VNN 999 Provides applications based on WAP through VinaPhone Network, that enables VinaPhone subscribers to access to relevant Internet / Intranet information using their VinaPhone

* VoIP service

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is telephone service applications based on internet through telephone network.

* VNN -Infogate Service

VNN - Infogate service allows the subscribers of VNN-Internet to send messages such as symbol, picture, E-mail, text, ringtoiie, business schedule.,. from serviced websites to paging subscribers, mobilephone subscribers of VNPT.

7. Data transmission service
Data Transmission Service allows data transmission of the following types:

- PC to PC.

- PC to computer network.

- Computer network to computer network.

- PC or computer network to database site.

8. Telephone
* Messenger Call Service

Messenger call service allows the subcriber to request for a notification to be sent to an individual notifying them of a time and place to 'receive a telephone call.

* Collect Call Service (For International Call Only)

Collect Call service allows the subscriber in Vietnam to make a telephone call to Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the USA. The charges will be billed to the recei ver instead of caller .

* Leased Line

A point-to-point line of the following types may be leased:

- Long distance

- Telex

- Radio and Television
- Data transmission

* Public Telephone Service

There are two kinds of Public Telephone Service:

- Public telephone agent
- Pre-paid cardphone service

* Access collect

- Allows subscribers to make international calls to USA from home telephones, post offices, cardphone telephones of cardphone Vietnam System.

- Access code: 120. 12345.

- Charge of the call will be paid by receiver of the call
- Service charge: Customer using telephone of cardphone Vietnam system will pay sevice charge of 500d/

each call (including unsuccessful call)

9. Information & Consulatancy service
- 1080: Provides social and economic information.
- 1088: Provides consultation on various topics: labour, employment, law, healthcare, psychology, education, drug addiction, ...etc.

* Auto Answering Service

Since April 1st, 2001 Hanoi P&T has provided Auto Answering Service. Customers can dial special telephone numbers-called auto answering mail boxes -to be supplied information such as sport news, lottery results, TV program...

For more information please call 1080 or 801 1080.



0 National Domestic Direct Dialing Access Code
00 International Direct Dialing Access Code
113 Police
114 Fire Brigade
115 Ambulance
101 Domestic Long Distance Telephone Service
102 Directory assistance for long distant domestic telephone calls
103 Operator-assisted long distance domestic telephone calls
110 International Telephone Service
142 International Telephone Service Rate
143 International Telephone Service enquiries
116 Phone Number Inquiries
117 Time Inquiries
118 Ring Back Test
 119 Advice on Telephone Repairs
133/131 Hanoi ABC Paging Service
107/105 Vietnam Paging Service
106 Paging Service Enquiries
141 Vinaphone Paging Service
151 Vinaphone Enquiry Service
145 VMS Mobifone Enquiry Service
1260 VNN/INTERNET Access Number
1268 VNN Access Number (Local)
1269 VNN Access Number (International)
 1080 General Information Service
1088 Consultancy Service
1081 Yellow Pages Information & Consultancy Service



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